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Top 5 Theme Cafes in Seoul

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Feeling adventurous about your next coffee hopping in Korea?

One of the most amusing things about Korea is its wide variety of cafes. Adding to that the non-stop market competition, many are dedicated to unique themes. Falling in and around the capital, the range of these establishments is mindblowing! Whether you are a fan of animals, movies, handmade accessories, designer goods, or just want to take pictures with an ~aesthetic~ background, you will undoubtedly find your cup of tea (or coffee?).

1. Thanks Nature Café: Farm Cafe | Seoul

Thanks Nature Café is located near Hongik University, also known as Hongdae. This area is home to most of Seoul's notable animal cafes, including this farm-themed one. What is even more impressive is that the prices here are comparable to and even competitive with ordinary franchise coffee chains and unlike other pet cafes not only in Korea but also in Japan, visitors are not required to pay an additional entrance fee. Two extremely cute lambs are the main attractions of this place, with many more sheep found in the interior, as well as the decoration of the drinks served here.

2. Blind Alley Café: Raccoon Cafe | Seoul

While its theme and location are similar to the aforementioned Thanks Nature Café, Blind Alley offers a greater variety of animal species to its customers. Raccoons, including albino ones, run the show here! But, visitors can also have fun with a dog, a pygmy piglet, and even a capybara! All fluffy creatures are friendly and playful, but they pay special attention to those who feed them special treats! *wink*

The cafe is relatively well known and, if you are lucky, you may find yourself in the midst of filming a TV or YouTube show.

3. Oz Cafè: One Piece Cafe | Incheon

[The only cafe in this article that's around Seoul and not in it.]

Cafe Oz goes beyond the concept of a cafe with a single theme and throws us into a magical adventure. Apparently, the name of the restaurant, combined with the architecture of the building which resembles a fairytale castle, misleads the passerby that Dorothy and company are to be found inside. However, to the surprise of the visitors, inside we are greeted by a slightly different classic, namely the cult anime "One Piece". The walls are covered with figurines of the anime characters, the tables have puzzles depicting scenes from the series instead of tablecloths, and mannequins with cosplay costumes inspired by the production lurk in the corners of the cafe. The drinks and desserts offered here are also served in a distinctive way as syringes with various syrups accompany the portions of ice cream to emphasize that it is ~addictive~.

4. King’s Cross Cafè: Harry Potter Cafe | Seoul

For fans of another iconic series, Harry Potter, Seoul; also offers a cafe with a unique atmosphere! The place, named after the London train station known to all of us from the saga about the young wizard, takes us to Hogwarts with an interior indistinguishable from that of Gryffindor's dormitories. The paintings on the walls are also similar to those in the movies, although they do not speak. In addition, customers can try on magic robes and hats, as well as scarves with the color of their favorite house. The menu offers its own interpretation of some delicacies from the magical world, and the cart in front of the entrance, which represents platform 9 ¾, looks just as authentic in photos as the one at the real King’s Cross Station in England, minus the annoying queues, aha.

5. Ddong Café: Toilet Café | Seoul

Koreans like to joke about their physiological needs, and this is evident from many TV shows, comic books, and other dimensions of pop culture in the country.

In this spirit, believe it or not, Ddong Cafe [Poop Cafe.. yeah..] with its unusual theme, is extremely popular with tourists in Korea!

Most of the interior is comprised of poop-themed designs, including pillows, plush toys, and graffiti on the walls. Drinks and some dishes are served in toilet-shaped cups, while "poop" bread with chocolate filling is also sold in front of the cafe.

It's quite unusual but definitely worth a visit!

If you'd like to read about more unique cafés in Korea, leave a comment down below!


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