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‘World Reporters’ is a team created in hopes to share our experiences or information to fellow international students in Korea.

As international students who left our home country for a new environment, we understand that there are many hardships one has to overcome. Therefore, we hope to share a diverse range of information for international students living in Korea. At the same time, we hope to deliver factual and genuine experiences to people who dream of studying in Korea. By being your guide to studying in Korea, we hope to be by your side on your first step!


MEET The Team

What can we do to spend a fulfilling time in Korea? Let's have an enjoyable and useful student life in Korea!


World Reporters
+82-10-2909-0305(Project Manager)
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Our Generation

Our mission is to make South Korea more approachable for those in their 10’s through a platform that is easy to access.
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Korea 101

Our team aims to share different experiences & daily life tips with the admirers of Korea! Be it professional or fun; we'll be your local guides to make the most out of your journey within this vivid country!

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Korean study

We want to create a project where students who want to prepare for TOPIK exam can learn and communicate directly with the students who passed TOPIK 6, learn Korean together, create content and share the knowledge with the world.

Project Manager

Hey there! I'm Dora, the team leader of "Korea 101." Believe it or not, I scored a GKS scholarship in 2021 when I was just 17, all the way from Brazil. Studying International Relations is my jam, and my goal is to bring countries closer together and soak up as much cultural knowledge as I can along the way!



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Annyeonghaseyo, I'm Shruti Jilla from India, GKS 2021 scholar and currently studying in seoul. I do designs and illustrations for world reporters. Being a part of world reporter program helps me to learn new things and to increase my korean proficiency level.

Our Generation Team Leader

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Hi! I’m Leticia Belchior, 25-year-old Brazilian Specialist in International Cooperation, Public Policies, and Diplomacy. Passionate about Korean culture and language since a very young age. As Leader of Our Generation team, my wish is to spread knowledge and make global friendships. 

Global Reporter Team Leader


Hi, I'm Yousra! A 2021 GKS scholar & currently living in Gwangju! I haven't been in Korea for long but I've always had interest in its culture, language and daily life. Through World Reporter, I get to explore my passion for this country & share my  experiences as someone who's admired it from a far but also lived in it! 

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