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Our Generation

Our mission is to make South Korea more approachable for those in their youth through a platform that is easy to access.

Team Leader / Brazil


Leticia Belchior

Hi! I’m Leticia Belchior, 25-year-old Brazilian Specialist in International Cooperation, Public Policies, and Diplomacy. Passionate about Korean culture and language since a very young age. As Leader of Our Generation team, my wish is to spread knowledge and make global friendships. 

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Content Team Leader


Sumnima Limbu

Hello, I am Sumnima from Nepal. I am a Yonsei University student under the Global Korea Scholarship 2023. I am an ENFP and extremely happy to have been exposed to Korea's diverse multinational community and culture. I am glad to be working with World Reporters to share my experiences in this new world.

Design Team / Brazil

Gabriela Amorim

Hello! I’m Gabi, I have twenty-four years old, live in Brazil. I’m in graduation International Strategic Management and Defense. Because my graduation, I wish to connect with people and cultura around of world and learn about new languages. I study about South Korea and I participate of Our Generation project. 


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