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Top 5 Ways to Learn Korean

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

The most effective Korean learning methods according to foreign students

DDespite its growing popularity worldwide, Korean is certainly not the easiest language to master. Especially for those coming from the West, Korean language study materials are often scarce and with limited availability in formal education. This, however, should not discourage enthusiasts from all around the world to pursue their passion. With the following five tips, anyone can efficiently improve their language skills while having fun. 

1. Making Korean Friends

Although this way to learn the language works particularly well for learners based in Korea, you don’t need to be in the country to befriend a native speaker. Korea is one of the most technologically advanced nations worldwide and online language exchange is commonly practiced, especially among young people. Not to mention, English has always been in high demand in Korea which is why many young people join language exchange applications. Tandem and italki are just two of the numerous apps which you can use to find a friend to practice Korean with.

2. Mobile Apps

If you are not feeling confident enough to communicate with native speakers just yet, there are several apps that can help you learn Korean on your own. For example, one of the most famous applications for online language practice, Duolingo, supports Korean language, offering various study-oriented games to improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Another language app called Memrise also provides Korean courses where you can start from scratch or make your own study deck with a customized vocabulary.

3. Bilingual Books

This study method tends to be overlooked in today's digitalized society, but it is great for enhancing reading skills. Although it requires at least basic knowledge of the language, there are hundreds of titles to choose from, including children's books, world classics, and Korean literature. Internationally, bilingual books can easily be purchased from online platforms like Amazon or Hanbooks. The most common language tandem is Korean and English, but there are also editions which combine Korean with Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese.

4. Immerse in K-culture

Many Hallyu fans enjoy learning Korean through dramas or pop songs. This method has proven to be quite effective as learners tend to be very passionate and dedicated. K-pop fans worldwide share similar experiences such as learning the Korean alphabet (hangeul) to write the name of their favorite idol. In addition, Korean variety shows often introduce slang and other trendy words which could make learners sound more natural in their speech. Webtoons are also becoming increasingly popular and can be a fun resource for studying, too.

5. Textbooks and Classes

Last but not least, traditional methods such as following a textbook curriculum or attending language classes remain a reliable form of language practice. Although they might not seem as fun as the previous picks on the list, having access to such resources, especially consultations with teachers, can certainly be useful in the long term. This applies especially to learners who aim to take the TOPIK test or are just preparing for a more advanced level of proficiency. Not to mention, enrolling in a language institute based in Korea is a great opportunity to visit the country, sometimes even with provided living expenses, so make sure to thoroughly research what your options are!


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