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The CHEAPEST outlet in Korea!


Which roughly translates to 'has everything' in Korean!


Pretty ironic considering that this chain store's shops usually have at least two stories. And indeed have a variety of products ranging from snacks, housewares, blankets, stationery, gardening and even pet toys!!

If you're worried about finding trivial daily things such as nail clips, threads & needles, or plastic bins, rest assured you have nothing to be concerned about.

My mother was worried I wouldn't find such things in Korea or that it would be hard to locate these stores.

So, she personally wrapped them up for me to put in my luggage!! However, I laughed as I walked past the isles and saw everything one could ever look for.

Best bargain about this place? The prices will not go over 5 THOUSAND WON!!! Yes, you heard that right. No matter what the products are, the most expensive ones are worth of 5 thousand won.

Here are a couple of images of the isles at the store:

Houseware, slippers & bathroom necessities.
Chips, cookies, candy, tuna and even oil! (for cheaper prices)
Seasonal goods! Whatever you might need during winter, spring, summer or fall, you shall find it!

However, the inconveniencing part about this place is that no matter how hard you try to commit to buying the one product you specifically went for, it's 99.9% likely not going to work, aha.

On a serious note, considering the prices and that some of them aren't all made in Korea;

some products might break more easily, not work as they should, not last long enough or have some type of making an error.

So enjoy your shopping, get what you need but make sure you read those labels!

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