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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Academic career, advanced research facilities, fully funded programs, Ph.D., Masters.. etc.

Has your mind been invaded by any of the previous terms? Or you're simply looking to pursue your studies or obtain higher education abroad?

If so, it's time to look at what Korea may have in store for you!

KOREA is a country with some of the highest-ranking universities. South Korean scholarships are not only for highly ranked students but also for Low CGPA holders. They also range from Undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D. Also, these scholarships are either funded by the said universities' professors, the South Korean Government, or some organizations.

Keeping in mind that adding a Korean academic experience can open up a wide range of opportunities, take a look at some of the most well-reputed Korean scholarship programs!

1. Korean Government Scholarship Program

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) was previously known as the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP). It's a fully-funded scholarship offered to international students [almost] all across the world for bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees in Korean Universities. The scholarship provides international students an opportunity for advanced studies at higher educational institutions in Korea, to develop global leaders and strengthen Korea-friendly networks worldwide.

If you'd like to find out more details; check out their official website: Study in Korea | run by Korean Government

2. POSCO Asia Fellowship

POSCO TJ Park Foundation announces ‘POSCO Asia Fellowship’ with the goal of mutual understanding through talent exchange between countries in Asia, the fastest-growing area in the world. It was established with the aim of creating a global human resource network in Asia. Through promoting exchange and cooperation in fellowship/scholarships with countries in Asia, next-generation human resource development, and mutual understanding! Therefore, ‘Scholarship for Asian Students Studying in Korea’, is also promoted as an in-bound scholarship that invites Asian talents to Korea which supports master and doctorate degree acquisition. ‘Scholarship for Asian Excellent Universities’ supports outstanding students currently enrolled in excellent universities in Asian countries, and ‘Asia Opinion Leader Fellowship’ contributes to mutual understanding and cooperation improvement between Korea and Asian countries by inviting opinion leaders of developing Asian countries.

For information, visit this link: POSCO TJ Park Foundation (

3. POSCO Science Fellowship

POSCO Science Fellowship began in 2009, came to life from the thought of Tae-Joon Park, who urges countries that lack natural resources [ex: Korea] to become advanced countries. ’Grants are given to young and talented post-doc, and young professors in 4 areas of basic science (mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science) and 3 areas of applied science (steel, new material, energy material) in universities and laboratories in Korea.

For those who qualify, the foundation supports 70 million~100 million KRW for a maximum of 2 years. It's particularly useful for new post-doc and young scientists that just became assistant professors who are in need of sufficient outside support and can't initiate independent research or experiments! Therefore, this fellowship became the ‘rookie award in science’ for young scientists!

POSCO TJ Park Foundation says it'll continue to encourage and support POSCO Science Fellows, so they can become leaders in science and become Nobel Prize winners in the future.

For more information, use this link: POSCO TJ Park Foundation (

4. KOICA Scholarship

This scholarship receives applications from developing countries. With the goal of turning the applicants from students to leaders, and providing the needed skill sets to contribute to the socio-economic developments of their home countries! In order to fulfill its mission, KOICA offers great scholarship benefits to the scholarship recipients. However, it is limited to government employees in order to study development-related courses in any of the participating universities in Korea for a limited time period.

Once accepted for the scholarship, all you must do is pack your bag and get ready to benefit from special mentorship programs, leadership seminars, conferences, and others organized for KOICA students!

For more details, visit this link: Korea International Cooperation Agency (

Besides the aforementioned scholarships, there are many others provided by universities and professors such as:
  • GIFT Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Kyungpook National University Scholarship

  • KDI School Scholarship

  • GIST Scholarship

  • KAIST University Scholarship

  • UST Scholarships

  • SNU Scholarship

A good GPA is not always a necessity, there are many options out there.

Keep your hopes up, work on polishing your resume/file and START APPLYING!
You never know where destiny and your career might take you!

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