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Online Halal Marts in Korea

Just in time for the holy month of Ramadan and as promised!

We're back with part two of our Halal Food series.

As the Muslim community continues to spread in Korea, we're bringing the focus of this blog to the available online halal stores in Korea.

If you're craving some Halal goods, you best get your devices ready, credit card numbers of course, and let's dive in!


Probably the most well-known Halal website in Korea. I put this one at the top of the list because I have experienced ordering from them (previously mentioned in one of our blogs). They mostly specialize in providing all sorts of Halal meat. But, they do include a variety of other food options on their website as well.

  • Shipping: All over Korea [including Jeju Island]

  • Shipping Time: complete payment before 2 pm ensures delivery for the following day!

  • Products range: Mostly meat but the website also offers a variety of fruits & veggies, beans & legumes, spices & herbs.

  • Perks: Refund or exchange is guaranteed if the meat is proven to have gone bad. AND they have a mobile App!

  • Website URL:


Is another pretty well-known Halal website in Korea as it's probably the only one affiliated with COUPANG. Though I haven't ordered from them I definitely know I will when I get the chance. [If it weren't for AL-BAZAR, they would've been my go-to pick when I needed Halal meat last time.]

One of the perks of using this website is if you're a short-term traveler in Korea!

  • Shipping: All over Korea [including Jeju Island]

  • Delivery fee: 3000won all over Korea & 4000 for Jeju Island.

  • Delivery time: Place an order before 2 pm and you'll get it the following day!

  • Products range: Meat, Sauce & Spice, Bakery & Dairy, pre-prepared Food

  • Perks: You don't need a Korean credit card to order from their website. As they're also affiliated with G-Market where Foreign credit cards & PayPal are preferred.

  • Website URL:


At first glance at the website, it doesn't "look" Halal. But after browsing and reading more about it. SheJang offers a variety of international goods INCLUDING Halal food as well. Using this website is up to one's personal preference since it doesn't sell only Halal products, however, the more options the merrier! Juuust make sure you carefully read the labels if you go to their offline store in Seoul or be verily when using their online website.

  • Shipping: All over Korea including Jeju Island

  • Shipping Time: 1~2 days.

  • Products range international brands with halal options.

  • Website URL:

  • Perks: They have a vegan section! Whether you're a Muslim vegan or not, it's Halal either way!

Make sure to make use of these websites during the holy month of Ramadan in Korea!

We'll see you next time!


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