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Univeristy Club Experience

Here's one of my experiences at a Korean university club as an international student!

Being a member of an International & Korean university club has certain perks. It allows us to feel like part of the students' community truly, experience Korean university life on a deeper note, practice our Korean language, and develop more sincere friendships.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we haven't been able to meet large groups of people. But, that hasn't stalled either the club or the members from engaging in stimulating activities. The monthly schedule was divided into teams of four people and created an activity plan together. Keeping in mind having to choose one of the club's three divisions to center our plans accordingly.

Here's how a regular cultural exchange activity in my Korean university club looks without further ado!

Our plan was initially to go to Damyang, have lunch, visit the Bamboo forest, do some outdoor sightseeing then chill at a local cafe. However, we were late (because of me) and even considered canceling the trip since Damyang was about an hour away.

I wasn't going to let that happen because of my lack of proper timing and insisted we go (we all wanted to go, so there was no convincing needed.)

So the plan turned out to be: Eat lunch, take the bus, visit the bamboo forest.. spontaneous activity if the time allows!

1. KalGookSoo

Kal translates to knife, Good is broth, and Soo.. well, I'm not too sure but eventually, together, the name of the dish means Knife noodles! And if I may? it is a delight!

Smooth, transparent rich broth, freshly sliced zucchini & cucumber, perfectly cooked clams, and tender, chewy noodles. Truly, it tasted like a symphony.

Perks: These KalGook Soo were 100% Halal!! (the broth might have meat depending on the restaurant so make sure to ask).

2. Bus stop

Since yours indeed was late, after lunch we decided to take the afternoon bus.. U-square is quite the distance, so we took a cab and barely made it (running is a good exercise after KalGookSoo)

3. Arrival to Damyang

The bus station was quite different than I'd imagined, and so was the city. For some reason, I thought it'd be more lively as I've seen photos of my friends' trip there, but it's relatively calm, small & quiet.

4. Bamboo forest

The first time seeing Bamboo trees was exhilarating. It was like a scene from an Asian animation. The green scenery was mesmerizing, and the smell of the soil & the sight of the sky peeping through the branches when we looked up were heart-rendering.

Luckily, my team and I had one thing in common: a love for taking photos!

We took pictures at almost every nook & cranny of the forest, took a look around the museum (yup! there's a museum and a tiny village inside the forest), and even got lost for about 30 minutes trying to find our way back... hehe...

5. Way back

Unfortunately, we couldn't enjoy different sightseeing due to the late time & having to catch a bus back to our city.

6. Board Cafe

After safely arriving back in our city, we decided the evening was still young, and instead of going to the all-time classic Karaoke, we went to a Board game cafe! This one was a local cafe near our university, but I'd never heard of it before. Thanks to my Korean teammates, I discovered such a place and experienced it for the first time. While enjoying some refreshments, we played the spy or einstein code game (I have no idea what the game name is..) and UNO!

7. The end

To sum it up, our cultural exchange activity was going to a different city, trying new food & a new experience! Each activity plan is different from the other, and each team is different, but we all share a sincere trait: being a world citizen. We all enjoy learning about different cultures and languages & engaging with people who are different from us.

My favorite memory of that day? Talking in Korean about a deep topic (for the first time) with my Korean teammate. We got closer through it & could understand one another better despite being from entirely different countries & ethnicities.


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