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How to Enjoy Spring in Korea

Spring's blossoms are an absolute eye-candy anywhere, but ESPECIALLY in South Korea!
Korea is extremely proud of its four seasons. The weather here varies from freezing cold winter to suffocating hot summer. However, the time in between is when the real magic happens. Overall, spring in Korea is picturesque beyond description and certain spots are the living proof of that. Let's go over some of the top locations to enjoy spring in Korea.

Take Photos of the Yeoui-do's Cherry Blossoms©

Yeoui-do is a large island on the Hangang River which is widely known as Korea's financial hub. On the island, there are several noteworthy landmarks such as the National Assembly and IFC Mall. However, in spring the otherwise luxurious image of the district changes in a more romantic direction. Namely, Yeouiseo-ro Street which is home to nearly 2000 Korean cherry trees in full bloom, becomes the highlight of Seoul in mid-April. Thousands of local and overseas tourists gather at the annual Yeouido Spring Flower Festival to enjoy the view and commemorate their experience with Insta-worthy pictures. This photo zone is so famous that there are even professional street photographers ready to assist visitors. Needless to say, the cherry blossoms street is especially beloved by couples and it is an ideal dating course!

Enjoy a Picnic at Hangang River©

While Yeoui-do can be relatively far from certain regions of the capital, Hangang River flows across Seoul, so it can easily be accessed regardless of where you live. There are eleven beautiful parks at the river banks which are popular picnic destinations, the most famous ones being located in Jamsil, Gwangnaru, Banpo, and, again, Yeoui-do. Each park has its own unique characteristics, but they all share a spectacular view of the river as well as distinct Instagrammable decorations. From fireworks to pedal boats, Hangang River is everyone's cup of tea! That is why, many families and groups of friends rent tents and spend the whole day at the river enjoying their free time. Not to mention that Korea's well-developed food delivery service allows people to order their favorite meals directly at the park. If it is your first time hanging out at Hangang River like this, don't miss out on ordering delicious chicken and beer like a local!

Have a Tour around the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung Palace©

Seoul's five royal palaces are among the most favored landmarks in the capital and, generally, they are visited by a large number of tourists all year round. What makes Changdeokgung Palace stand out in the spring, however, is a hidden gem in its backyard. Namely, the view of the secret garden of the palace is breath-taking in April and May. The abundance of flowers and trees, the highlight of which are, of course, the cherry blossoms, is in harmony with the traditional pavilions and ponds. This composition reveals the royal grace of the last Korean dynasty and takes visitors back in time to the glorious days of the Joseon Kingdom. If you have ever dreamt of feeling like a prince or princess, renting Korean traditional attire called hanbok grants you free entrance to the palace! However, the secret garden is only accessible with a guided tour that needs to be booked in advance. The duration of the tour is around 90 min and it is available in Korean, English, and Chinese. The timing and availability of each tour vary depending on the language, season, and a number of visitors, so make sure to double-check the details when planning your memorable adventure!

These were the three hang out spots for us. However, Korea is beaming with places to watch Spring blossoms and feast one's eyes on nature's beauty while enjoying different actitives.


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