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Having Fun near Ewha Woman's University

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Ewha Woman's University is located in the vibrant area of Sinchon. This region is especially popular among young people because two other famous universities, namely Yonsei University and Sogang University, are also situated here. In addition, Hongdae University is in close proximity, too. Thus, having several of Korea's renowned schools clustered in the area has resulted in numerous youth-oriented businesses emerging as well.

In the next lines, we will explore what kind of fun activities Sinchon and, in particular, the region around Ewha Woman's University, have to offer.


As students of Ewha Womans University are mostly girls, it is no surprise that the surrounding area offers various kinds of products that cater to female customers concentrated in the so-called Ewha Womans University Fashion Street. To begin with, there is an abundance of clothing stores, most of which are quite affordable. As the popularity of the distinct K-fashion increases, so does the number of foreigners who visit this region to upgrade their closets. In addition to clothes, accessories such as jewelry and shoes are also easy to find around here. Another trend that Korea is recognized for around the globe is K-beauty which refers to Korean cosmetics and, most of all, skincare. Luckily, Sinchon is booming with popular domestic brands such as Nature Republic, Etude House, and Skinfood.


Korea puts a lot of effort into organizing festivals and as Sinchon is one of its capital's hot spots, there are plenty of exciting events that happen here. Three of the most distinguished ones include Sinchon Water Gun Festival, Sinchon Beer Festival, and Sinchon Christmas Street Festival. The first one occurs during the summer as this season is particularly hot. During the days of the festival, the main streets between Sinchon Subway Station and Sinchon Train Station are closed off and turned into a parade zone. The highlight of the event is, of course, a mass water gun fight, but there are also water slides installed as well as other thematic activities such as concerts and dance performances on the soaked streets. Next, Sinchon Beer Festival is beloved by many beer enthusiasts. This autumn event hosts a large number of Korean breweries, giving visitors a chance to appreciate their products while stimulating and promoting domestic businesses at the same time. Besides beer, there are also food pavilions set up by representatives of various countries which turns the festival into a true global celebration. Naturally, the event also features numerous music performances, games, and promotional offers. Lastly, Sinchon Christmas Street Festival is organized in the winter when the streets in the area are decorated like they have come out of a fairy tale. With its magic lights and Christmas-themed pavilions, it is a popular photo zone for visitors. Experience programs and street performances vary each year, but in the spirit of Christmas, gift shops remain one of the festival's main attraction.


As the nearby streets are buzzing with shoppers and students, there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. However, Sinchon area is particularly famous for its street food which visitors shouldn't miss. Fans of K-dramas are probably familiar with popular snacks sold in Korea's signature food trucks such as odeng (fish cake), hotteok (cinnamon sugar pancake), and bungeoppang (carp-shaped bread with red bean filling). These are usually consumed in the winter to keep the body warm while walking around. In addition, many people can be seen eating chicken skewers or grilled sausage on stick on foot as these are also representative street foods in Korea. On the sweeter side, fruit candy skewers are also incredibly popular and they come in a wide variety of flavors, the most popular of which are strawberry and apple.


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