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Beauty standards according to societal description is consistently damaging to people, it affects our lives in many different ways, people who are sensitive or are struggling with self-love or self-acceptance are prone to be psychologically, emotionally affected by such pointless trends. How we see ourselves and how we look should not be decided by people around us, but should be encouraged to love our imperfections as they make us unique and able to interact with others who look different from others. Pointless jokes, comments made to people tend to break, damage their well-being. Such behavior is practiced by many people around the world and tends to be inconsiderate when bullying, shaming and humiliating victims. A beautiful song with meaningful words that could uplifts those who are going through tough times inflicted by people can cancel beauty standards and encourage people to fight to change how people see and define beauty. There are a lot of KPOP groups who bit the beauty standards and still create awareness about how it affects an individual and how it profanities one out. I will discuss a song composed by GOT7 “Just right”- how they used their talent and strongly influenced society.

Is a catchy song that uses psychology theory on music video to stimulate positivity and overstatement of food and tiny members catches the girl's attention and finds it interesting, one can clearly visually interpret lyrics by watching the music and relates to what singers sing about. The language is not a barrier because they successfully interpreted their lyrics in relatable themes. The music video starts off by showing a sad young girl sitting in front of a mirror and trying to beautify herself, her facial expression shows that she is not pleased with her physical features, her conscious mind plays a part in making her feel not pretty enough and does not like what she sees in the mirror. The girl might be at early stages of puberty and physical changes are affecting her emotionally and psychologically that she worries about self-image. Probably the societal tendency to judge one based on appearance is the roots of her conscious mind about her image, then small members from GOT7 appear in front of her and tell her that she is fine how she looks, she is beautiful the way she is. Scenes are playful and cheers her up to accept and feel happy about her image.

The music video set is fun and enjoyable to watch, it’s friendly and relatable and featuring a young kid is a good concept because most of the people who are affected by judgmental comments are kids. Body image is a serious thing amongst youth, how they perceive and think about their body and try to fit in the uniform body image category implemented by society. Group members are directly talking to girls to be joyful and accept their appearance as it is not to feel pressured to change or modify themselves to go follow dangerous diets. Use of toys, colorful props enlightened the mood of the video. Members successfully uplifts her self-esteem and she starts to dance along and feel excited. Western beauty standards are colonizing teenagers, youth and young adults. The song contributes to positive body image and self-acceptance. The room turned into a party. Now she is celebrating her features, qualities, and natural beauty with GOT7 members.

I would encourage young adults and kids to eavesdrop towards music that speaks positivity and improves self-images of an individual and focus on being themselves. Do not let beauty standards get in the way of your life, start to appreciate and slowly learn to embrace your appearance and qualities. Do not let society define your beauty but do it yourself. Listening to Inspirational music that speaks about challenges we are facing individually or as a community can enlighten and create awareness to change the world to be a place that accepts and celebrates the diversity amongst us. Body image is a serious issue that affects people and the media can play a role in contributing to negative or positive body image. There are things that contribute to negative body images such as being teased by peers, families making harsh comments about one’s appearance (body shape, size, a complexion) and that leads to body dissatisfaction. The music video is best for times when you feel concerned about your natural beauty and tend to feel the need to improve it for acceptance and to be noticed. GOT7 has a perfect message for you before you engage in unhealthy behavior just because the world accepts certain people. It also matters if you are pretty, perfect and just right. Remember, Youngjae said “I can’t find that part of yourself that you think is not pretty”, so please stay the way you are and embrace your inner and outer beauty and remember we are unique and right the way we are.

Credits to the pictures belong to the producers and GOT7.


Paballo Moeng is a World Reporter Chingu who was born and raised in South Africa Bloemfontein. She describes herself as a person who appreciates and values the visual representation of thoughts, ideas and expressions. Being influenced by ideal sets, imagination she tends to look for activities or sets of beliefs that help her to grow and learn about diversity amongst the human race. Although she is not verbally active, her individual perceptions are influenced by aptitude of how she interacts with others and she enjoys deriving her own meaning by understanding individualism and collectivism. She is fascinated by culture, history, medicine, civilization and art. She is an observant person who always wants to understand the intent of the picture and studies law of how things are the way they are and how to improve them for better life and promotion of homogenous establishments. She spends most of time working on crafts and looking for inspirations to retain her artistic side.

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