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Are you unfamiliar with K-Pop? You've heard of it, but you're not sure why it's so popular? This is the post for you. K-POP music has gained popularity from H.O.T to “ENHYPHEN”- the fourth generation of K-POP. All of a sudden, everything falls into place.

People tend to neglect or didn't notice at first, but eventually, they begin to stan whatever they want. From "K-POP was so sick," "I couldn't even finish listening to that song," and so on? That's right to "Wow that's amazing", "Superb" and "I just can't live without them.""They are so good at dancing very synchronously and perfectly for my eyes". Thanks to its distinct mix of infectious tunes, sleek choreography and production values, as well as an endless procession of glamorous South Korean singers who spend years in grueling studio structures learning to sing and dance in coordinated perfection, K-pop has become a genuinely global sensation.

But wait? In our generation nowadays BTS is the most powerful and well-known being when it comes to K-POP. They are very popular because of "They are Korean". I guess "They are so funny". That for the meantime you didn't notice yourself laughing out loud over your computer, watching their behind the scenes in making the music video and so on. Do you ever feel your curiosity about them or should I say, is "your obsession". You tend to follow them on all social media platforms, and even you don't have an Instagram account, you create it just for them, to at least be updated with somehottest news about them. You can't blame them for that. You know? I also like them.

Similarly, K-pop stars offer fashion with a whole new sense. Their real-life clothes and models often outshine those of Western celebrities in terms of intensity and originality. K-pop stars aren't afraid to make a splash, and they have a distinct way of viewing current events. Some mixed clothes, you at first can tell them that they are so weird, "some undeniable" but eventually you fall in love with them. I mean "yeah" that was my first impression about them, they are so totally good for that. From boots to ripped jeans, loose shirts and unique pair of accessories, to two dangling earrings for the boys and for the girls' unmatched earrings, they can carry on their own. They can feel proud that most of them help to boost their confidence in their mascara in terms of music. They are so creative, and very authentic for me, for thousands of music around the world they can make much more difference from others and I assure you these are one of the reasons why KPOP was so popular, together with their very "divergent" choreographies, from cute concept to sexy and wild. They are remarkable in that way.

Not only are K Pop artists extremely creative, incredibly hard workers, and stars in flawless music videos, but they often require a combination of other cultures into their songs. Singers often insert English sayings into their lyrics because most students in many Asian countries are expected to learn English from a young age. The majority of the songs are in Korean (though there are some in Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, and other languages), but the music transcends all barriers. It can express people's emotions. Furthermore, the songs are about a subject that anyone can relate to, making it simple to communicate with.

The last thing I am impressed with is they are competent and hardworking. From 12-16 hours of training and sometimes 24 hours with no sleep, they can do it for the sake not of themselves but for others, for their fans who truly loved them without any hesitation. I also really like the beat of the songs and the lyrics, even though you are from another part of the world, even though you don't fully understand what they are singing or referring to, you sometimes can feel that you understand it; even though you are in a sentimental mood, it suits perfectly. You sing it proudly even though it is not the right lyrics, I'm sure these are the true essence of K-POP dancing and singing like we are crazy and like there's nobody care.

Without catchy hooks and sing-along lyrics, pop music will be nothing. K-pop is no exception, with songs that get stuck in your head almost immediately. Boy and girl groups alike have appealing songwriting down to earth, which ensures that their music appeals to fans in every language.


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