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We cannot ignore the actual craziness of K-Drama from all corners of the globe. We can't deny that every episode has thrilling moments, which is why some K-Drama fans inadvertently stan specific actors for no apparent reason. We can't disguise our delight at every cliffhanger episode. The suspenseful scenes, as well as the love scenes, that keeps us awake until midnight, just to complete a series in less than one or two days. From 16 to 32 episodes, with lengths ranging from 45 to 1 hour, in comparison to anime or western series, which are usually only 20 minutes long and consist of 8 episodes, and you're lucky if it gets to 22. But what are the true reasons for the popularity of K-Drama? K-DRAMA madness used to spread like a virus with no cure. Yes, you read that correctly. One of the key reasons for this is their unique soundtracks, which are separated into 8 to 12 parts for each episode. Isn't that ironic?

Every scene plays its very timing. To take advantage of this, many K-Dramas aimed at a younger or more general audience will include trendy and happening melodies for the kids to bounce to. These songs will be used in romantic and emotional sequences, as well as the closing music for each episode. Soundtrack arrangements like this one may assist promote the popularity of the featured music, it can help the program get a new audience by including a new hot song on the soundtrack.

Seriously they don't run out of new songs.

The other one is the High-Quality of Dramas. Maybe the most important reason for the rise in popularity of K-Dramas is that they are simply that brilliant. This is true not only of the programs' writing level but also of their production values. Many of these shows have a considerably higher, more cinematic quality.

To sum these, Korean dramas have a unique story. They have a limited no of episodes, so easy to watch. They teach you a lesson, It was not just a K-Drama. OST's are love and authentic. They have the best shows in every genre Melodrama, Action, etc. The actors, above everything, are a joy to our eyes, and last is the recognized as a cultural "other" since its media, history, and culture aren't as well-known. With the rising popularity of Korean cultural exports, it's only natural that many people would turn to television, the most easily consumed cultural artifact, to immerse themselves in the culture. Many Korean dramas, particularly those accessible on Netflix and other comparable streaming sites, are historically based, making them both informative and enjoyable.

Last but not least, K-Drama is quite addicting, as you may know. I mean, once you get into this world, there's no turning back. There is also the plotlines or stories that are distinctive and unexpected. K-Dramas are known for their inventive and ingenious plot twists. The show's central enigma is always intriguing. It has also the predictable plotlines and scenes in K-Dramas that, for some reason, still resonate with viewers. The audience is usually curious as to who is related to whom and how they are related. Sort of. The endearing sense of humor and odd behavior. Korean artists have a natural sense of humor, which explains why their rom-com shows are usually a smash. It's all about perfecting the whole package—perfect timing, facial expressions, lines and expressions (aigoo! omo!), gestures, and an animated delivery style, as well as the proper combination of romance and comedy. This formula has been adopted by K-Dramas.

To put it another way, K-Drama is more than just K-Drama; it also helps to relieve stress and difficulties, making you laugh and cry for no explicable cause. Because of the continual crises we've been dealing with, the COVID-19 has been a huge aid to us.


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