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What is "Our Generation"?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

In order to get everyone more interest in our project, we decided to show a little bit more about "Our Generation" and those who are behind the screen making it come true!

First of all, what exactly is "Our Generation"?

- Our generation (우리 시대) is a project that views content creation targeting the teenager public, basically using a sistem from teens to teens.

- The team consists, mostly, of students, from all around the world, that searched for a chance to communicate with others about the Korean Culture. Our mission is to make South Korea more approachable for those in their 10’s through a platform that is easy to access and content that is easy to digest.

And who is part of this project?

I. Isadora Thomazini: Team Leader, Producer, Content Shooting

  • Hello, I am Dora, the team leader of “Our Generation”! And at just 17 years old, I became a 2021 GKS scholar from Brazil. The thing I cherish the most in the world are people, so since I was younger I have been learning different languages and working in different projects across social media

  • . As a bachelorette in International Relations, I hope to connect the countries even more and learn about other cultures as much as I can!


II. Elissa Lim: Webmaster, Producer, Content Shooting

  • Hello, I am Elissa from Singapore. Having spent much time in my country, especially during the pandemic, I decided to move overseas to expand my horizons. I came to Korea under the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) to pursue a Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence at Korea University.

  • In my free time, I find joy in meeting new people from all walks of life and doing outdoor activities like picnic, surfing and hiking^^


III. Leticia Menezes: Writing, Design

  • Hello, my name is Leticia and I am from Brazil. While still a high school student, I found out about Korea and fell for its culture and history so hard that I am joyful to collaborate with World Reporters and Our Generation so others can also discover the beauties of the country.

  • I'm smitten with dogs, cats, sustainability and Mexican food!


IV. Clara Diz Schmitt: Writing, Design

  • Hi! I'm, Clara. I'm 17 and also Brazilian highschooler that likes to read and be part of clubs and projects. I'm interested in learning more about South Korea, while making its culture more appealing to teenagers on social media.

  • There is this thing such as: "World Reporters" have: they bring this idea that you are not just a number fulfilling a task, they are personal and make you care.


V. Marilia Ramme: Video Editing, Design

  • Hey! My name is Marília. I go by she/her pronouns :) I am nineteen and I live in Brazil.

  • I have known Korea since I was twelve years old when I started taking taekwondo classes; this sport motivates me to know more about Korea itself, so here I am, growing up interested and participating in this beautiful project as a designer and video editor.


VI. Lorena Raquel: Video Editing

  • Hi, I'm Lorena and I'm from Brazil. During my school life I had some hard times making friends due to institution changes, and that's when I met Korean culture.

  • While I was struggling with shyness around new people, I used to watch some Korean content and it helped me to be more organized and confident about myself. Besides, it also improved my view about the country, making me interested about it and about the culture itself. Therefore, now, at 17 years old, I'm working in the Our Generation team as video editor. ^^

What can be expected from "Our Generation" in the future?

- "Our Generation" is a newly formed group inside the big base that is the World Reporters and NGL Forum platforms, so, with the support of our older alumnus, our manager and our mentor, we view a bright future for us as a platform that will connect teenagers all around the world and South Korea. Also, our activities are scheduled to start in December and go all the way to June of 2022, so with such a large time range we plan on exploring all times of contents and styles of videos (TikToks, Instagram Reels, Vlogs), in order to fit all tastes and preferences.

Since only two of the members are currently in South Korea, it can also be expected that a lot of the content made will instigate people from other nationalities to learn more about the korean culture. Our target are teenagers and in the future we will do everything possible to communicate well with them!


Thank you for reading until here! See you soon :)

  • Written by: Isadora Thomazini

  • Images by: Members and free-use from the internet

  • Layout by: Isadora Thomazini

*All rights reserved to the original authors*

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