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What are the lessons we could learn from the series "Itaewon Class"

Thousands of Korean dramas have been released, but this is the one and only one that has grabbed my attention and encouraged me to believe once more, and to remember that “every ending is just only the beginning” of all.

Until now, this kind of intensity makes me shiver. They did an excellent job portraying it, from the Official Soundtracks to the characters. It was perfectly suitable for me. This drama is also understandable because the story is about vengeance, hope, and how to never give up on your dreams. I'm also very proud of Park Seo Joon's performance in that role, particularly his never-ending tap on his nearly bald hair. Those kinds of mannerisms were cool. This story follows Park Se Ro Yi (Park Seo Joon) as he deals with the effects of his anger directed at his former classmate Jang Geun Won (Ahn Bo Hyun) as a result of a car accident that killed his father. He punched Geun Won until he couldn't stand up anymore due to excessive bleeding. Sae Ro Yi picked up a stone and couldn't stop crying; and he may have killed Geun Won if Soo –ah (Kwon Nara) did not intervene. My heart was breaking in that scene. Fast forward to when Sae Ro Yi continued to punch Geun Won, and he was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Have you ever considered how unfair his life is? During his time in jail, he didn't miss any chance to read books because he didn't want to waste time for any reason.

Following his time in jail, he opens “Danbam” in Itaewon to exact vengeance on his former classmate and Jangga Group CEO. However, he is not too good at managing his business. He then meets Jo Yi-seo (Kim Da-mi). With an IQ of 162, she is a multi-talented and intelligent young lady. She is also known as a power blogger and social media internet star. She offers to become DanBam's manager because she has a crush on Sae-ro-yi. Many people say she is a sociopath because of her lack of empathy and heartless attitudes. Park Sae Ro Yi also hires one of his prison friends, Seung Kwon, a former member of a gang, who changed his life after meeting Sae Ro Yi seven years before. He has a great deal of admiration for Sae Ro yi's journey to a better life, which is why he quit being a gangster and began working in Danbam.

Another member of Danbam Crew, meet Jang Geun-soo: CEO Jang's second and illegitimate son, and Yi-seo's classmate! Geun-soo has been bullied by his older brother Geun-won and he never felt loved by his parents. Upon turning 17, he left the Jang family and lived by himself from then on. After inconveniencing DanBam in an incident, he decides to work for Sae-ro-yi, whom he considers to be a "real adult." He has a crush on Yi-seo.

The fourth member is a transgender woman who was previously a colleague of Sae Ro Yi before choosing to work in Danbam. And the last member is Kim Toni, a black person who can speak fluent Korean. At first, they weren't sure if they should hire him because he did not look like a Korean person, but then Park Sae Ro Yi hired him not only because he is not Korean or whatever, but because he knows that everyone deserves to be treated equally, fairly.

This series also discusses bullying, equality, accepting yourself for who you are regardless of how others see you, and standing up for yourself, being proud of yourself, chinning up, and being original and special. Such are the lessons I've learned during the days when I almost didn't sleep because of insomnia, sort of. At that moment, believe it or not, I began to believe in myself again, that I can do everything I want to. Thanks to them, even when I'm in the midst of the worst and most difficult chapter of my life, K-drama lifts me up, helps me to live every day, and rescues me from losing self confidence.

In a nutshell, this is my opinion. Many people were shocked at how I understood them speaking Korean, so I simply replied that there are subtitles. My remedies are indispensable to me, and I can't imagine how I'd do without them. Another explanation and lesson I've learned is how Sae Ro yi, even in his last breath, rescued Yi Seo from a dangerous gangster (with Geun Won being blameworthy). The series ends with a successful Park Sae Ro Yi, who, through his hardship, and success, had an inspiring story. It informs us that we can start over at any time.

It also teaches us that achieving our goals is not straightforward. Last but not least, we must take small measures. Never give up on your dreams!

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