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Top 5 museums in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea, welcomes you back. Do you have a passion for art? Do you enjoy going along and being surrounded by art? Grab your belongings and join us for a tour of the Seoul Museum.

Thinking about Seoul. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Han river? Hongdae ? Or Seoul tower. Art is around, buried in culture and is one of the factors that shape our hearts. If you’re tired of having a picnic outside or drinking too much coffee in a lovely café, let’s go on an interior tour and appreciate the art.

Have you ever wondered how many museums there are in Seoul? The answer is that Seoul has a whopping 100 museums. If I had to explain and expand on every aspect of it, it may have taken me an eternity, but let’s get started with the top 5 museums recommended in Seoul today.

The first is the Telecom Ubiquitous Museum (티움 - SK 텔레콤 홍보관).

The Museums are located in Seoul’s Uljiro area. This museum showcases Korea’s evolving technologies as well as predictions for the future. Every visitor is given a smartphone with which to interact with the museum’s exhibits.

One example is a shopping section where users may use their smartphone to photograph commercials on TV and then purchase the item advertised. This is another focus on the process of converting a 2D film into a 3D one.

“In 2051, the human race combined their advanced technologies in energy facility, urban agriculture, and healthcare to construct the future city “HI-Land.” The expedition embarks on their journey to visit the new city"

The second one is The National Museum of Korea (국립중앙박물관)

To move into the future, you must first understand the past. Korea’s National Museum is a cultural complex located in Yongsan, in the heart of Seoul, that not only preserves and shows antiquities but also offers a range of programs, such as the Children’s Museum and other cultural events related to its exhibitions. More than 220,000 collections, ranging from ancient and medieval history to early modern history, are on display, with a concentration on calligraphy and painting, sculpture and crafts, and much more. International relics from India, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, China, and Japan are also on display at the museum. The museum lies in the heart of Yongsan Family Park, overlooking the Han River with the impressive Mt. Namsan behind it.

The third one is Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art (삼성미술관 리움).

Owned by the global conglomerate, Samsung and it is located in Hannam-dong was designed by the world-renowned architects, Mario Botta, Jean Nouvel, and Rem Koolhaus. The museum has two sections: Museum 1 and Museum 2. Museum 1 of Leeum mostly houses traditional Korean art, including 36 national treasure pieces. Meanwhile, Museum 2 is a space dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Its permanent collection contains artworks from legendary artists. Perhaps the most principal area in the museum is the rotunda in Museum 1. A colorful hanging art piece created by a Korean artist, Jung-Hwa Choi, drops down through the snow-white rotunda. If you are looking for an extensive art collection in Seoul, the Leeum Museum is the place to be.

The fourth one is National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (국립현대미술관 야외조각공원).

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) is a state-owned museum that was established in 1969 with the goal of raising art and cultural awareness in Korea through exhibitions, educational research, and international exchanges. MCAA has four branches, two of which are located in Seoul: Deoksugung and Seoul. The Deoksugung branch is located in the Seokjojeon Annex of the Deoksugung Palace. At the time of its construction, Seokjojeon was regarded as the pinnacle of Korean modern architecture. In acknowledgement of the building’s continuing cultural effect, it is now used as a modern art museum.

The last one 4560 design Haus(4560디자인하우스)

Let’s return to current fashion. You may be familiar with this location because it has appeared in the videos of many YouTubers but let’s get to know it together.

This museum and café are perfectly mixed a modern style with a classic mood, as well as minimalist design objects from the 1950s and 1990s. The significance and importance of displays as a gathering place for every collectors.Also, to communicate feelings.It’s a cultural complex with exhibits and places to relax.

Some of visitor’s comments

“ 에스콰이어 2020년 12월호에 기사 를 보고 알게된 곳. 이런 곳이 생겼다 는 것이 너무 반갑다 ☺”


“I got to know this place from the article by Esquire December 2020.It’s so nice to have a place like this ☺”.

Address: 3rd floor,Hyundai Motor Company, 16 Maeheon-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

There are many museums that I don’t mention in the piece, and it’s not all just a museum. Many cafés in Korea have recently evolved into something akin to a museum, with many displaying and fascinating decoration, collections, and devices in their establishments.

A lot of art was sprouting in South Korea, and the artists themselves were driven, created, and intensified the trend, which influenced people in numerous ways

Personally, I believe that a location rich in civilization is a place where people value art.


Sutthiruk Singcharee is a World Reporter from Thailand. She has decided to join the World Reporter because she wants to share a different point of view from her own perspective of South Korea. Despite being wounded in the World War, South Korea is currently another prosperous location in Southeast Asia. She'd like to inform people more about the impact of South Korea's economic/culture/education and also more information about Korean entertainment culture that could capture people's hearts from all around the world.

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