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The famous game in South Korea that is a must try! Easy and fun

For lovers of South Korea, you must be familiar with the exciting games that often appear when watching Korean variety shows. Variety show lovers have one or more favorite South Korean variety shows to improve the mood and lighten the mood when hanging out with friends. The games that were displayed were very interesting and succeeded in making the audience laugh.

Check out some easy and fun games below. Don't forget to try playing it with your friends

  • Cham Cham Cham Game

Cham Cham Cham Game or also known as Di Bi Di Bi Dip is a game that often appears on every South Korean variety show. This game that carries the theme of intelligence and agility, is the most simple and fun game to try for all of you.

How to do Cham Cham Cham? In this game, initially you need to prepare a toy hammer made of plastic and not hard as well as a pot or basin. The function of the toy hammer is to hit your opponent when you are a winner and the basin or pan is useful to protect yourself from being hit by the winner. The players have to do rock paper scissors first, then the winner will hit the opponent with the toy hammer. Players may have more than 3 people and will be led by a moderator who will ask questions first. If the player answers correctly, he must quickly pick up the toy hammer and hit his opponent's head while the losing player must quickly protect his head with a pot or basin. A toy hammer and a basin or pot must be placed in the middle of the players so that they are easily reached by the players.

  • Cleopatra Challenge

Cleopatra challenge is a game that is very often played among idols and singers to see who has a higher pitch of voice than the players. This challenge requires players to compete for the height of the voice or the high note. This game challenges two or more people to sing the lyrics of the song from the Cleopatra challenge in low tones to higher and higher notes. Whoever manages to reach that high note is the winner.

The way to do this Cleopatra challenge is to simply sing "Annyeong Cleopatra" with a low to high tone of voice then continue by the next player. From this challenge, you can hear the voices of the idols from beautiful tones to shouting to make the atmosphere even more exciting

For those who are interested in trying this challenge, here are the lyrics of the song from Cleopatra challenge:

( annyeong, kheulleophatheura )

세상 에서 제일 가는

( sesangeseo jeil ganeun )

포테이토 칩

(photheitho chip)

  • Chicken Fight Game

Chicken Fight Game is famous as a game that prioritizes leg strength and is suitable for idols who like to exercise. The players must bend one leg and walk or jump on one leg as soon as there is a chance the players will attack each other by hitting the opponent's knee.

How to do this Chicken Fight Game is to bend one leg and hold your ankle with both hands, attack your opponent with one leg while attacking the opponent's knee until they fall then the player who survives to the end is considered the winner.

  • Whisper Game

Whisper Game is known as a game that is very exciting for the audience but for the players it is a game that makes emotions and challenges. Whisper Game can be played with headphones and a song. One player using headphones with a song at a very loud volume and has to guess the word spoken by the other player.

The way to do this Whisper Game is that player 1 will be given instructions which must be answered correctly by player 2. But when giving instructions to player 2, player 1 is only allowed to speak without making any body movements or gestures. Player 2 is required to use headphones with loud volume music. This makes player 2 unable to hear what player 1 is saying and can only guess from the mouth movements of player 1. This is a game that makes you dizzy but very exciting and funny.

  • Mafia games

Another game that you often see on variety shows is mafia game. This game involves four characters namely citizens, mafia, doctors and police and each player is chosen to play each character without the other players knowing. A mafia tasked with "killing" all the players. The police have the privilege of knowing the identity of other players while the doctor's function is to choose someone to save.

The way to do this Mafia Game is to start by choosing a moderator and then the moderator automatically will secretly choose someone to be the mafia, doctors, police and ordinary citizens. The game will end up being won by the mafia, if until the end the players do not find the mafia and vice versa if ordinary citizens succeed in guessing who the mafia is, then ordinary citizens will win.


Jumrahyana is a World Reporter Chingu from Indonesia. She has educational experience in the pharmaceutical field. Her hobbies are writing, reading, joining volunteer and organization or community activities. She loves things related to Kpop and has a Korean language learning community for Indonesians.

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