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The delicacies you can see when watching Korean dramas

Korean drama has become a worldwide phenomenon. Korean drama is loved not only by the Korean themselves but also by the rest of the international audiences.

Korean drama enthusiasts all over the world are always waiting for the latest update. There are several reasons why Korean dramas are so popular. They are the variety of story plots, the character of the powerful players, and the crashing acting. It turns out that many fans fall in love with the delicious variety of foods that appear in Korean dramas. The food makes a person feel tasty just by looking at it from a screen.

Let's check out some of the foods that you often see when watching your favorite Korean drama!!

  • [ Bibimbap ] 비빔밥

Bibimbap or mixed rice is a Korean food with a bowl of white rice on topics such as vegetables, beef, eggs, and hot sauces that gochujang serves as a treat. Even some ingredients vary from sprouts, carrots, spinach, cucumbers to mushrooms.

This dish is highly favored by the people of Korea, where they usually eat for lunch and dinner. Besides being popular in Korea, bibimbap is so popular in the world that it occupies 40th place on the world's best food list. Everyone from kids to adults always loves this food. One of the celebrities who liked bibimbap is Taeyong NCT.

  • [ Jajangmyeon ] 짜장면

Jajangmyeon is the Korean food of noodles doused with black bean sauce with meat ingredients. Jajangmyeon is a very popular dish for delivering home on busy days, it often appears and is ordered via delivery service in some Korean dramas.

Jajangmyeon is almost popular with all idols in South Korea that they can even eat a full bowl. South Korean idols who become a fan of this food are almost all the EXO-band members.

  • [Kimbap ] 김밥

Kimbap is a typical Korean food that can take many forms, but it is popular with rice wrapped in dried seaweed with the contents of vegetables or it is often called yachae kimbap.

Kimbap is usually made of fish, vegetables, and kimchi. South Korean idols who become fans of this food are Blackpink’s girls.

  • [ Kimchi ] 김치

Kimchi is one of the traditional ingredients of fermented vegetables, usually served as the most common companion food. Another delicacy made from kimchi is kimchi soup and kimchi fried rice. The most common vegetables are made as kimchi - cabbage and horseradish.

Mark of GOT7 likes the kimchi fried rice or the food is also known as kimchi bokkeumbap.

  • [ Seaweed Soup] 미역국

Seaweed soup is made with some light ingredients, only salt, soy sauce, garlic, sesame oil, and beef. Seaweed soup is often served at a birthday ceremony that will be served early in the morning or when a mother gives birth. However, delicious seaweed soup is commonly eaten with rice as one of the companion dishes. If the kimchi tastes sour then the seaweed soup is delicious and refreshing.

  • [ Tteokbokki ] 떡볶이

Tteobokki is rice cooked in spicy and sweet spices. These are so easy to be seen because they are sold in many places, from the traditional market to the restaurants. In addition, tteokbokki- as the favorite food of the Korean community- has also gained popularity as a street food that is popular with all ages around the world because it is often featured in some Korean dramas and is recommended by South Korean idols. Some South Korean idols who love this food are girlband MAMAMOO, the boyband EXO Chanyeol.


Jumrahyana is a World Reporter Chingu from Indonesia. She has educational experience in the pharmaceutical field. Her hobbies are writing, reading, joining volunteer organizations or community activities. She loves things related to Kpop and is in a Korean language learning community for Indonesians.

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