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Korean Go-To Apps| Phone Apps Guide 2.0

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The number of views on our last mobile Apps article really moved us. Thank you for taking the time to check out the fruits of our efforts!

We're back again with PART TWO of the must-have Korean mobile Apps series!

Keeping it light & fresh, here are five more Apps that we sincerely think any foreigner interested in Korea, should know about!

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1. Papago

I'm pretty sure you've relied on Google translation when faced with a language difficulty at some point. But have you heard of Papago?

In Korea, when looking to translate something in hopes of finding more 'local idioms' for meaning, Papago is the way to go! Unlike Google translate, Papago is able to detect questions, statements and identify any subtle rise in intonation.

Note: The only unfortunate part is that Papapa is limited to fewer language options.

2. Coupang

Coupang, also known as THE Amazon of Korea. It's the largest e-commerce company in Korea. Similar in work to China's Alibaba!

Through this App, you can find any possible item! Going from groceries to make-up & clothes, to even house decor! It usually has many discount offers, gives away coupons, and cheaper brand deals! The only problem with Coupang is that besides the English search possibility, every other information is in the Korean language... So if you manage to overpass that obstacle, it's a great place to get your online shopping started!

Note: Coupang uses bank-pay or other mobile applications second parties to ensure accuracy and safety.

3. Karrot | 당근마켓

Karrot is a hyperlocal community app that serves as a secondhand marketplace. This app is all about supporting the eco-friendly lifestyle and boosting the local economy through the promotion of buying and selling secondhand goods locally. Launched in 2015, Karrot has become South Korea's LARGEST second-hand marketplace and second-biggest e-commerce company!

It's also foreigner-friendly since it has an English language setting as well! You can literally buy & sell anything on the App. Phone cases, bags, shoes, electronic devices.. etc.

Note: What's unique about this app is that it shows you the search result for whatever you're looking for in a 7Km radius near your location! How cool is that??

4. Subway Korea

Don't get this App confused with the food giant Subway chain, aha!

Subway Korea, is an App concerning metro transportation in Korea. It provides you with information about subway lines, departures, arrival, cost, and duration. It is the most popular subway or metro app despite there being many other similar phone applications regarding the metro system.

5. Yogiyo | 요기요

This App's for all our foodies reading this article!

Yogiyo is a food ordering app in Korea, a place where food deliveries are non-stop & people are literally never tired of ordering food!! Through this App, you'll find authentic restaurant reviews by real users, convenient functions when ordering the same thing a second time, and accurate expected delivery time!

Note: To use the App, you must create an account and verify it. No worries, it's a simple process!

Being a technologically developed MONSTER nation, Korea's mobile Apps market is always glittering with innovative ideas and services.

If you'd like to know even more fun & useful Apps, leave a comment below!


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