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Korean Insiders: Incheon

Back with a new adventure, here's how Korea Insiders spent their Saturday in the city of Incheon!

For reference, Korea Insiders are a bunch of students; International & Korean. Gathering monthly, each time in a different area to discover Korea, make memories, and try new experiences.

Here's how it went!

Starting Point

We met at the Unseo Station in the morning. Then took a stroll around a local market to buy lunch for later. After that our way was made to the Incheon Seaside park where we enjoyed the beautiful sightseeing, sea, nature ..etc. You name it, that park had it!

After that walk, it was time for lunch! It was decided for a picnic near the sea where fresh beautiful oranges & authentic Korean Kimbap were enjoyed.

Bike Rail

After enjoying the picnic and chatting, it was time to get on the famous Incheon SeaSide Bike Rail. The lines for the tickets & to get on the bike were both surprisingly really long. Each bike has 4 seats, and each team gets an hour to ride back and forth.

Sometimes the bike would automatically run by itself but most time we had to use our own force... I mean.. it was good exercise? It felt shorter than an hour since the ride was full of light banter, jokes, and more food.. haha.

Jazz-Trot Hybrid Perfromance

After enjoying the bike ride, we decided to walk furthermore and explore the area. Taking a different path at a time, we heard a beautiful melody sound and decided to discover it. It was coming from a small open-air performance area. Sat down for a couple of songs, relaxed and danced along to the rhythm!

Beautiful Cafe View

After spending our remaining energy. It was time to bring it back up with some sweet drinks in a nearby café, but, of course, it had to have a beautiful view of the Incheon sea! However, beautiful cafés tend to be really corwed in Korea. Especially on the weekends. We struggled to find a good seating area, but we did after all. Then we just chat about the most random of topics haha.

We may have not followed through with the plan with each step, but I'm pretty sure we all left with good memories from that Saturday! And to be frank, it was worth the 4h trip from Gwangju to Incheon!

See you next time on another Korea Insiders Adventure!


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