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Korea eateries: '끼니꾸니'

Create your Korea is taking on a new initiative of introducing foreign and student-friendly restaurants in Korea!

The first one on the list is a personal favorite; 끼니꾸니.

After spending enough time in Korea, especially as a student, you will have some days when you're not looking to try something new.

More so, you'd likely be looking for a cozy place to have a quick bite and get on with the rest of your day. A place where you don't need to spend too much energy explaining your order because of the language barrier. A little corner to sit by yourself without anyone's curious gaze and take a break as if it was your own home you're eating at.

Objectively, 끼니꾸니 is that place for me.

Once you come inside, it's pretty

small, with three tables for 4 people and 3 places for solo-diners. Behind the counter is the friendliest owner. Whom I like to portray as my Korean mother. Always greeting students with the biggest smile and asking them what they'd like to have, in the closest manner a mother would ask their offspring.

The menu is quite simple and cuts to chase. My favorite is the Korean fried pancake! It is not only the cheapest I've found in the Chonnam National University campus area but also the tastiest.

I also really appreciate the effort they put into their side dishes! You get the classic Korean yellow pickled radish and Kimchi as in most other restaurants. But, the two remaining ones fluctuate almost daily. So it's never dull, and you get to grow your taste palette by trying them out!

This is what the Korean pancake looks like! It's tender on the inside, crispy on the

outside, and very savory. The combination of that taste with the tanginess of the soy sauce marinade is a must-try for any foodie!

However, the most heartwarming thing about this place is that the owner will most likely

always hand out something for free to the students. Be it a side menu they didn't ask for, such as mini-kimbap or fish cake, a soda, or fruit, your inner child will leave feeling cared for.

The place closes at 9 pm, so keep that in mind if you plan to visit!

That was it for our first recommendation!

Hopefully you enjoyed it, and we'll see you at the next one!


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South Korea

Author: Yousra Feriel Drioua

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