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Interesting Places To Spend The Night In Seoul City

Seoul city is a suitable destination for hunters for culinary tourism, shopping and exploring new places because the capital of South Korea can give you all these things. From morning to night, the wheel of life in the city continues to run. From various shopping centers to tourist destinations, all look crowded and impressive. Here are some suggestions of places you can go to spend a memorable night in Seoul.

Bugaksan Mountain (북악산)

For decades access to Bugaksan Mountain was prohibited for safety reasons. However, Bugaksan Mountain has been reopened to the public and quickly attracts tourists to visit.

Besides being famous as a mountain that has a walking path along the mountain, Bugaksan Mountain also turns out to be rich in culture and offers a beautiful view of the city. The choices of paths provided for hikers are starting from Changuimun Gate in Buam-dong-walking along Bugaksan Mountain to Bugak Skyway-ending in Jeongneung-dong. This route covers a total length of approximately 6,2 km.

Bugaksan Mountain is popular for presenting views of the city and mountains in Seoul which stretch out with dozens of Seoul city lights that look like the twinkling stars from above. This makes it the right destination for lovers of hiking to feel the atmosphere of a romantic night in Seoul.

Myeongdong Market (명동)

Myeongdong market is famous as a place to find street food and as a big shopping center in Seoul that is a must-visit place for tourists. Some of the street food in Myeongdong can be named such as Tteok-bokki, Odeng, Lobster, Kimbap, Mandu, Sweet Potatoes, Hotteok, Bungeoppang.

Apart from shopping areas, Myeongdong market also has many upscale stores, facials and street vendors. If you want to visit Myeongdong market with the intention of shopping, you can be spoiled with other destinations such as visiting trade centers, banking and exploring all the shops that sell all kinds of t-shirts ranging from high-end to casual. For makeup enthusiasts, there are various Korean cosmetic shops that offer a variety of high quality products.

Myeongdong market usually closes around 22:00 at night and opens around 11:00 - 12:00 in the morning. Some shops remain open until midnight. However, if you want to make sure to come to Myeongdong market when they open, it's recommended to come before 22:00.

Address: 04536 27, Myeong-dong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Transportation: Subway Line 4, Myeongdong Station, Exits 5-10

N Seoul Tower (N서울타워)

South Korea has a myriad of amazing tourist attractions, one of which is the N Seoul Tower, usually referred to as the Namsan Tower, which is the second highest observation and radio transmission tower in Seoul, located on Mount Namsan, Seoul. N Seoul Tower was built in December 1969 and it took 11 years to be built and then opened to the public in 1980. The tower was initially known as the Seoul Tower in 2005, then the government collaborated with CJ Corporation, then the name of the tower was changed to N Seoul Tower. Currently, Namsan Tower broadcasts signals from a number of Korean broadcast media, namely KBS, MBC and SBS.

N Seoul Tower- as a tourist icon in South Korea- is never empty of visitors. When visiting Seoul, tourists always want to capture precious moments from the whole Seoul city firsthand. Being at N Seoul Tower indicates that you are at the highest point in the capital of South Korea. In 2012, N Seoul Tower was designated as the first destination for foreign tourists based on a survey from Seoul City.

N Seoul Tower is divided into three main parts, including the Lobby, Plaza and Tower. The tower covers four floors while the Plaza consists of two floors. N Seoul Tower is increasingly famous because it is used as a shooting place for several Korean dramas such as Princess Hours and Boys Over Flowers. The attraction of this place is the N Seoul Tower Namsan Tower Love Padlock which is at the top of the tower where tourists can capture or lock their love for their partner easily, simply put a padlock around the fence and throw the key down in the hope that their love will last forever. Tourists who have visited this love padlock arena beg for the eternity of their love here.


Jumrahyana is a World Reporter Chingu from Indonesian. She has educational experience in the pharmaceutical field. Her hobbies are writing, reading, joining volunteer and organization or community activities. She loves things related to Kpop and has a Korean language learning community for Indonesians.

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