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Interesting Places in Paju City, South Korean.

Paju City is a city in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. Before being made a city in 1997, Paju was a district called gun and included in the most sophisticated city complex developed by the government. The city of Paju is known as home to a beautiful city because there are various interesting places not only tourist locations but romantic locations, restaurants, shops, shops and as a favorite place because it appears as a setting in several hit Korean dramas.

Growing rapidly and being visited by both local and non-local tourists, Gyeonggi Province is a province in South Korea that holds thousands of charms of natural beauty, has a very rich past story and interesting photo spots that must be visited. Although the name is not as well-known as the capital of South Korea, Seoul, Gyeonggi is used as a tourist center in South Korea because it holds various popular tourist destinations that are a pity to miss while on vacation.

The nicknames that are no less interesting than the city of Paju are "the city of books", "the city that restores lost humanity" and "the province that surrounds Seoul". For book lovers, you will be treated to luxurious buildings that place everything about books, from publishing and booksellers, book dealers, multimedia suppliers to various bookshops that display a variety of the latest editions of books. This proves that the city of Paju is able to restore as before the elements of humanity that were lost. The distance between the city of Seoul and Paju City is one hour to one hour more so traveling by bus, subway or by renting a private car is highly recommended so that you can freely visit the location in a day according to your travel plans.

Here are some tourist attractions on the island of Paju that can be a recommended place for a vacation in South Korea !!!

  • Paju Provence Village

Picture From visitkorea

Starting from the construction of a French-themed restaurant in 1996, now it has grown and is known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea.

Here, you can feel the atmosphere of being in Europe when visiting South Korea. In addition to European-style buildings, there are shops, coffee shops and galleries in this European-style area. Beautiful colors adorn every corner of Paju Provence Village accompanied by instagrammable spots to make your vacation even more memorable.

  • Everland

Picture From visitkorea

Everland is a famous park that is visited by many tourists, both local and non-local. Everland has a concept like a fairy tale and there are also many European-style buildings. In the area there is a zoo, a very wide flower garden with various flowers that grow in bloom, exciting rides to test adrenaline, one of which is the biggest roller coaster in South Korea you can find here

  • Paju Book City

Picture From visitkorea

In the city of Paju, a book festival, namely Buksori, was held in 2011. For those of you who are busy or have a favorite book author you want to meet and want to taste the nuances of nature while reading a book, you can visit the city of books in Paju. In this place there is also a famous museum, the Pinoseum. For lovers of Pinocchio stories and fairy tales, you must visit this museum.

The Pinoseum is a museum dedicated to Carlo Collodi's famous story, the adventures of Pinocchio. You can see the Czech Republic doll San Pinocchio video 3D animation on a big screen. If seeing it is not enough, you can make a personal Pinocchio doll for each visitor and don't forget to visit other tourist attractions while you are here.


Jumrahyana is a World Reporter Chingu from Indonesia. She has educational experience in the pharmaceutical field. Her hobbies are writing, reading, joining volunteer and organization or community activities. She loves things related to Kpop and has a Korean language learning community for Indonesians.

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