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How does return of superman educate us?

There are many internationally recognized Korean TV channels like KBS World, KBS2, tvN international and Korea platforms like KOCOWA that display different content from Kpop, Kdrama, news, reality shows and so on. There are endless entertaining and informative shows I have seen or watched but I will be talking about the effectiveness of Return of Superman. The show is a reality show based on parenting and bonding of parent(s) and their kids. Most fathers are left with their kids alone in their home to play, connect and build a relationship with their children and also to understand and know their kids more. Cameras are operated in small tents and one room is designed as a playhouse for parents to engage in activities with their kids while they have been filmed, it has featured kids like Hao, Jam Jam, Williams and Bentley Hammington, Song Man-se and so on. From watching short clips and shows there are few things that parents, children can learn from it.

Parents could take notes from the show to expose their kids to activities that will promote kids discovering their talents, hobbies and parents might try some activities from the show. Good communication between children and adults or caregivers boost child creativity and confidence to fully take part in outside activities as they know they are supported by parents. The show features missions for children to help each other to accomplish while having bonding sessions with their peers.

Hao is one the kids who was presented in the show in every episode he was presented we could see his good moral acts and behavior from greeting camera people to always showing affection and love maturely, the ability to succeed in many tasks, we all must admit he is a genius at his age to have photographic memory at his age. Talking about a warm kid, Hao along with Jam Jam are affectionate and gets along well, on episode 325 they got to shower us with laughter and love, mending our hearts when Jam Jam wiped off bearded Hao a dalgona coffee, must say their date went pretty well with parents and audiences astonished by the behavior of two dearest friends. In episode 333 you will see how strong Jam Jam and Hao’s friendship is, it’s inspiring and comforting. For kids at that age to be able to help one another, get well throughout episodes is what we can do even in reality teach our kids and ourselves to get along, help each other and support or help one another to achieve goals. During another episode, Jam Jam was sent to markets to do errands she saw trees been covered with scarfs and then she spotted one without a scarf, her loving heart could not allow her to pass it without donating or giving out her scarf and asked camera staff to help her cover the tree, that is heartwarming for a kid to be generous and caring and attentive.

Parents can learn that being there for their children in every step of growth promotes healthy relationships, children will easily talk to their parents or families with everything. Healthy parenting relationship helps a child to respond to different scenarios in an age- appropriate behavior. It gives opportunities to improve communication, discipline, and proactivity. Kids on shows are given orientations, lessons about respect morals (on episode 322 William and Bentley Hammington attended a class with other kids to be taught about morals, diligence) to respond by accommodating their learning styles and preference to do things. Parents care for their kids by engaging them in preparing Korean side dishes. Kids (Hao and Jam Jam) were allowed to prepare food and Hao bravely ate hot kimchi to act brave in front of Jam while under supervision of their fathers. Such activities enable them to have fun while learning another skill at a young age. Both kids are always talking their feelings out and acting upon them, the show exposes the minds of young ones when they are not limited or prevented from being themselves. My favorite episodes are the ones with Hao and Jam, their relationship is so strong and both are mature to care and look out for each other, Jam being a sweetheart who listens to Hao and Hao teasing Jam Jam whenever he can, their intelligence to comfort and understand each other in an astonishing behavior makes me wonder what I was doing and how I was all I can think of was probably I was eating and sleeping the whole day.

There are many activities that audiences can mimic from building chocolate fountains and going out with children or family to eat outdoors and visiting amusement parks for young ones to adapt to the outside environment and get to meet other kids as well. One gets to notice that including kids in friendly activities has a positive impact on their emotions, esteem, truthfulness that they become well-mannered and adorable to not to spend time with. Conduct of parents and their children is psychologically preparing them to understand more of their subjects or communicating, carrying themselves out. It encourages audiences to want to have a good bond with their kids and look forward to parenting, throughout different shows kids and their parents are able to speak out what they want positively, this motivates people too willing to cooperate as a team and listen to each other.

Such reality shows that focus on children and parents or guardians contributes to positive relations and allows parents to care and enhance their parenting skills. Honestly maturity is not about age but how one is individually gifted and intelligent to act and conduct themselves in a manner that is mature and respectful. We should learn to be cheerleaders for our loved ones and support them in every way for them to feel loved and acknowledged and always remember that they matter and should do good to others too.


Paballo Moeng is a World Reporter Chingu who was born and raised in South Africa Bloemfontein. She describes herself as a person who appreciates and values the visual representation of thoughts, ideas and expressions. Being influenced by ideal sets, imagination she tends to look for activities or sets of beliefs that help her to grow and learn about diversity amongst the human race. Although she is not verbally active, her individual perceptions are influenced by aptitude of how she interacts with others and she enjoys deriving her own meaning by understanding individualism and collectivism. She is fascinated by culture, history, medicine, civilization and art. She is an observant person who always wants to understand the intent of the picture and studies law of how things are the way they are and how to improve them for better life and promotion of homogenous establishments. She spends most of time working on crafts and looking for inspirations to retain her artistic side.

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