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Fancy Halal Meat in Korea?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

This article goes out to my Muslim gang!

If you're stressing over your eating plans after coming to Korea, don't sweat it! Here's a real-life experience I've had this past November. 

I arrived in Korea last August. Shortly after, I realized that I wouldn't be doing any cooking in particular because of the dorm type I'd be living in. We have no kitchen! The closest thing to it are the microwaves in the dining area aha.. Therefore, I didn't think I'd get the chance to do any cooking.

Fast-forward to November, I signed up for a Cultural Exchange day in Gwangju! The participation conditions were simple; share a glimpse of your culture through FOOD!

Only after making a commitment to the program, I realized that most of the authentic Algerian dishes share meat as a common ingredient. As a person, I knew I would not backdown from a promise I had made. But as a Muslim, there was no way I'd allow myself to cook using non-halal meat...

Luckily, being a Korea-fanatic for a long time comes with certain perks!

Makan Halal Korean Restaurant -©

A lot of time to make a lot of research, haha. Be it Halal restaurants, marts, shops, etc. I almost had them memorized! But, I also knew that most of them were centered around the big apple of South Korea, a.k.a Seoul!

So, I took the quickest and most convenient option by ordering from a halal website in Korea.

Here's my experience with AL-BAZAR:

1. I went on the AL-BAZAR website & scrolled.. a lot...

Note: My only regret is not signing up on the website which is why I have no receipt of the purchase...

2. After comparing article prices, I finally decided which one I'll be getting!

3. I contacted AL-BAZAR to confirm certain information about the product then officially placed my order!

4. I receive my order the following day at noon, as promised!

5. I am ecstatic! And my dish not only came out DELICIOUS but 100% Halal certified!

What to take from my experience?

No matter where you live in Korea (to be confirmed if I move to an Island or so ahah), Halal meat is always available thanks to the convenience of the internet and halal food providing services like AL-BAZAR. So, don't be afraid to sign up for new experiences, share your culture and enjoy tasty halal meals!



In part 02 of this mini-series, I'll be sharing other Halal websites, marts, shops, etc. And how to track them down in Korea! 


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