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Chingu Recruitment

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Hello everyone!

We have got some exciting news for you. Here is a chance for you guys to be a part of our team: as our content creators- As our CHINGU!!!!

Interested in Korea? Love Korea? We are giving you a platform to share your love of Korea with the world. From food to language, kpop to kdramas, tell us your views about Korea and why you love this culture. Send us your writing with some photos and we will publish your articles on our page (and also on other social media outlets) with your name. Yep! Our page having your articles.

Blow us over with your love for Korea!

As a Chingu this is what you need to submit:

  • Written articles (in MS Word format), 600-800 words each. They can be longer but we prefer it falls in this range.

  • A few photographs relating to the article, separately in a zip file, and not pasted in the document. 6-7 pics would be enough.

  • A photo and brief introduction of you as we would love to see the person behind the beautiful words and we might introduce you on the website.

Send us 5 articles in a span of 3 months and you will be awarded a certificate acknowledging your powerss over Korean culture.

This program is open to all. So send in your entries and get a chance to be our CHINGU!!

You can send your articles to us through

Please be noted that when the Chingu sends the articles to World Reporters, it is understood that they allow World Reporters to edit the writing and photos to upload on the website. The name of the Chingu will be published as the main author.

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