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TOP 4 TOPIK preparation books!

Another month, another TOPIK Exam to go through!

This brief article goes out to anyone currently preparing for the exam or about to!

Korean Grammar in Use (pinterest©)

A highly recommended book series by many. Many have praised this book series, whether YouTubers sharing their Korean language learning journey, residents in Korea, or scholarship students.

It has a beginner, intermediate and advanced version to fit one's Korean abilities. This makes it easy to use and motivational to keep learning to "unlock the knowledge" of the higher-level books.

"Three Korean language teachers who teach the Korean language to foreign students are gathered in the educational field. It is a full-scale grammar book that will lead you to easy and fun learning of complicated grammar." - [Korean Grammar in Use]


Another famous TOPIK book series. It has three different versions; listening [듣기], reading [읽기], and writing [쓰기]. To be fair, one of my Korean teachers did not recommend this series. Not because it's a bad book per se, but because they think it's better to practice on past TOPIK Mock exams. However, this book is highly recommended when it comes to students, myself included.

Be it [듣기], [읽기], or [쓰기]. Whatever it is, you're aiming to nail in the TOPIK exam or have a hard time solving. This book will come in handy. It explains each step of the way thoroughly, has plenty of quizzes for you to solve, and has a solution book so you can track your progress.

TOPIK in 30 days©

It might not seem like much since it only has the vocabulary to offer. But, the planning of this book is quite effective. Taking the time to learn the specified vocabulary daily, and re-visiting the old ones with time is effective.

The book also includes segments to test one's previously learned knowledge. Phrases and examples for each word mentioned, other similar ways that word can be seen, and how it can appear on the TOPIK exam. Not to forget, my favorite segment is the antonyms, acronyms, and multi-usage verbs.

Growing one's vocabulary is essential when learning any language. This book is simple, cuts to the chase, and does the job right!

TOPIK Recipe©

This book, on the contrary, was recommended by one of my previous Korean teachers. At first sight, it seems complicated, dense, and too hard to grasp for an intermediate level. But if you give it a chance, it's a really great book to prepare for TOPIK.

It includes vocabulary, grammar, systematic TOPIK problem solving, quizzes, and a solution book.

Another Korean teacher of mine didn't like it at first as it does seem too complicated!! However, after taking some time to browse it more thoroughly, they highly praised it!

P.S: A student with a TOPIK 6, I believe, also recommended this baby!

These were the TOPIK preparation books I have highly seen people in my surroundings use to prepare, so I'm sharing them with those preparing for the exam. But, at the end of the day, everyone's brain is different. The way we grasp information, memorize and learn are as individual as we are. So, always seek the method that works best for you. :)


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