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Benefits of Studying in South Korea

South Korea's public image has undoubtedly gained popularity around the globe. Fascinated by K-pop and drama, young people from various countries express interest in the country and dream of visiting one day. That is why it is not uncommon for many of them to consider pursuing higher education there. In this article, we will go over some of the major benefits of studying at a Korean university and why it is a good experience.

Scholarship Programs

The Korean government is no stranger to the fact that education is a way to attract motivated young people into the country. However, many aspiring scholars coming from developing countries may find the cost of living in Korea significantly higher than in their home countries. To ease this burden, there are numerous scholarship opportunities for foreign students enrolled in Korean higher education institutions. The most famous program is the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) which covers the tuition fees of selected applicants and provides them with a reasonable monthly stipend as well as other benefits listed on their website. In addition, many universities such as the Academy of Korean Studies offer their own grants with slightly different conditions.

Language Training

The majority of youth who wish to study in South Korea choose this destination because they are captivated by its unique culture. As language is an essential cultural element, interest in understanding the Korean language also grows. Therefore, another benefit of South Korean education for foreigners is that language training is mandatory or highly encouraged and, therefore, widely available for free! For example, the aforementioned KGSP requires successful applicants to complete up to one year of Korean language classes, all of which are provided free of charge until obtaining a certain level of proficiency before the start of the actual degree. Since learning a new language can be a costly and time-consuming process, not everyone can afford the luxury of becoming bilingual nowadays. Therefore, choosing South Korea as a higher education destination is a particularly good choice for both hallyu fans and those who are new to its culture.

Making Global Friends

South Korea is said to be an ethnically homogenous country and for decades, that has prompted a debate regarding the social integration of foreigners. While the situation is not perfect, it cannot be denied that in recent years, tremendous effort has been utilized to make expats in Korea feel included and that is especially evident in universities. As Korean people are known for their group-oriented mindset, there are tons of group activities targeted at foreigners for free! From field trips dedicated to understanding Korean culture to Korean arts and crafts workshops or even parties for foreign students on major holidays like Seollar and Chuseok, local universities are trying their best to make their global students feel at home. Besides being an efficient way of cultural enrichment, such events are great social mixers since it is easy to meet other participants from all over the world or befriend some of the Korean students volunteering at the occasion.


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