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A Complete Guide To K-pop Idol Support Events

K-pop has been gaining surging popularity around the world in recent years. As the K-pop fandom becomes increasingly more prominent, this has led to the creation of "support events," in which idol fan clubs organize various activities to celebrate their idol's birthday, debut, comeback, and debut anniversary. These activities all together form an essential and unique part of K-pop culture. Let's check out different types of K-pop idol support events and get amazed by the creativity and power of the K-pop fandom!

近年來,韓國流行音樂 (K-pop) 在世界各地越來越受歡迎。隨著韓流粉絲圈不斷壯大,不同的「應援活動」也逐漸出現。各個偶像粉絲後援會舉行各種活動來慶祝偶像的生日、出道、回歸和出道週年紀念日。這些活動共同構成了K-pop文化中重要且獨特的一部分。讓我們一起探索不同種類的K-pop偶像應援活動,並感受K-pop粉絲的創意和力量吧!

1. Subway station/bus stop advertisements 地鐵站/巴士站廣告

Surrounded by many universities, such as Yonsei University, Hongik University, and Sogang University, Hongdae and Sinchon have long been the "young people and popular culture districts" in Seoul. Therefore, many fan clubs put advertisements in Hongdae and Sinchon subway stations and bus stops for their idols to celebrate their birthdays or other important occasions. Fans sometimes even write messages on paper and stick them on the advertisement. If you pass by the subway and bus stations of these two places, you can always find K-pop fans waiting for the advertisements to appear on the LED screens and excitedly taking photos with them.


Photo by Bonnie Lo

Photo by Bonnie Lo

2. Cafe events 咖啡廳活動

K-pop idol fan clubs also collaborate with cafes in Hongdae and Sangsu areas to organize cafe events to celebrate their idols' birthdays. There are many beautiful cafes with different themes in these two places. Fan clubs would decorate the cafes with the idols' photos and play videos or songs of them. Fans can order drinks and desserts like cakes and cookies to receive merchandise made by the fan clubs such as paper cups, photo cards, postcards, and stickers. Some fan clubs would even organize lucky draw events where fans can get extra gifts. Fans can even write letters for their idols, which the fan clubs will then pass the notes to the idols' relatives or company. Cafe events are a perfect time for fans to chill and meet other fans simultaneously.


Photo by Bonnie Lo

Photo by Bonnie Lo

3. Exhibitions 展覽

Hongdae and Sangsu are also popular places for fan clubs to set up exhibitions for their idols. They transform the exhibition venue into an aesthetic gallery filled with their beloved idols' photos, making it a space for fans to look back on the growth of their idols and share the joy of their birthday with other fans. Many exhibitions include a message wall that allows fans to leave messages for their idols. Imagine how touched the idols would be when they see the wall full of heartwarming words from their fans! While some exhibitions are free, others require fans to purchase food or flowers to enter.


Photo by Bonnie Lo

4. Life four cuts (인생네컷) 人生四格

Taking life four cuts photos with friends is a trend among the MZ generation in Korea. Walking along the streets in Seoul, you can always spot a photo shop every few steps. In response to the popularity of life four cuts, many fan clubs design beautiful life four cut frames of their idols and upload them to photo shops. Some frames would include the idol's photos, while others include the idol's respective animal characters and even expressions that the idols always say. Fans can take lovely life four cuts photos with the special frames to record this percious moment between fans and their idols.


5. Flashmob Cover Dance Event 快閃翻跳活動

"K-pop in public" has become a global phenomenon in the K-pop fandom in recent years, where fans would make dance covers of K-pop songs in public areas. Therefore, some fan clubs and K-pop dance cover teams would organize flash mob events to celebrate a particular idol group's anniversary. For example, last month, many BTS fan clubs and dance cover teams worldwide held flash mob events to perform dance covers of BTS songs to celebrate the group's 10th anniversary. They then upload the video of the flash mob to YouTube to share their incredible performances with ARMYs from different places.

近年來,「在公衆地方表演K-pop」已成為全球K-pop粉絲的一種文化,粉絲們會在公共場所拍攝K-pop歌曲的舞蹈翻跳影片。因此,一些粉絲後援會和K-pop舞蹈翻跳團隊會組織快閃活動來慶祝某個偶像團體的週年紀念。例如許多防彈少年團 (BTS) 的粉絲後援會和K-pop翻跳團隊在上個月於全球各地舉辦了快閃活動,表演BTS歌曲的舞蹈翻跳,以慶祝組合成軍十週年。他們也會把快閃活動的視頻上傳到YouTube,與來自不同地方的ARMY(防彈少年團粉絲名稱)分享他們精彩的表演。

In conclusion, the K-pop fandom has organized different support events for their idols. Not only do these activities allow fans to show their love to their beloved idols and promote them to the public, but they also serve as nice occasions for fans to gather and connect and share their love toward their idols with one another. Which activity do you find the most interesting?


Author: Bonnie Lo

Translation: Bonnie Lo (CHN)


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