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Create your Korea!

Blue Flower Front

Our Team

Our team aims to share different experiences & daily life tips with the admirers of Korea! Be it professional or fun, we'll be your local guides to make the most out of your journey within this vivid country!   010-2975-1399

Media Channels

• New Article every Monday at 6pm kst.
• New YouTube video every First Thursday of the month at 6pm kst.
• 2 Tik Tok videos every 3rd & 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm kst.

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  • YouTube
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Blue Flower Front


Our vision is to provide a simple but helpful guide for foreigners inside or outside Korea. We plan to share content based on our personal experiences as foreigners and topics we believe are essential to know.
We'll share two main types of content; funky & fun and studious & serious content.
Keep a close eye on our page for all the content we'll be uploading!

Team members

  • Yousra - Leader, design & writing

  • Rukesh - Writing & management

  • Margarita - Proofreading & translation

  • Sharmaine - Video Content creator

Korea, Now!

What are you waiting for?

Create your Korea!

Hi, I'm Yousra! A 2021 GKS scholar & currently living in Gwangju! I haven't been in Korea for long but I've always had interest in its culture, language and daily life. Through World Reporter, I get to explore my passion for this country & share my  experiences as someone who's admired it from a far but also lived in it! 


Yousra Feriel Drioua


Chonnam National University

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